What if I'm new to wigs?

Wearing a wig is very easy, and opens you up to try many different styles

When first trying the wig on don't be afraid to have a play around with it, if you put it in the wrong place then it will look a little bit odd but don’t let you put this off! Once you found the right place where it will look natural you'll be good to go and you'll know where to always put it. Usually, the place where it looks more natural is alongside your own natural hair line but be sure to wear a wig cap even if you don’t have any hair and this will help it looks more natural and feel more comfortable.

Putting your wig on

1. Using both hands, hold the wig by the front and the nape of the neck. Tilt your head slightly forward. ...

2. Position the front of the wig above your eyebrows, and slip the wig on like you would a bathing cap. ...

3. Push the front of the wig back until it rests slightly below your natural hairline.

If the wig feels tight or too loose, use the adjustable straps located in the back of the wig to fit the wig to your head nice and snug.

Get the opinions of friends and family, let them see it on you and help you find where it should go.
Then, using sharp scissors ( I use those small nail scissors) trim the lace front to your hair line, and bobs your uncle you have your wig on and ready to go.
Now, if you wanted to use glue ( you don't have to), use a couple of small drops between the front of the lace part and your wig cap just to keep it down. If I use glue I tend to use "liquid Gold glue", it is very strong and flexible.


They can be styled (curled and straightened) with heat, however its advised on a lower temperature (under 150ocideally)

Blends are notoriously difficult to curly with a curling wand but they can be effectively curled with heated rollers left in to cool down, ideally over night.

Before first wear if the wig wont sit flatly on your head you can put it on and then a wig cap over the top of it so that it helps shape the wig to sit more flatly, do this for about an hour if possible or more.

Making baby hairs(optional)

You don’t need to create baby hairs on your wig, but it helps create amore realistic finish. You can use an edge styler as a tool to brush a small area of your own hair to the front, to see this being done there is lodes of youtube videos on it that you may like to watch.

The parting space

If the lace on your unit is slightly darker than your own skin or if you just want the parting to look more realistic you can apply your own foundation or powder to match your own skin tone and apply it directly on the parting! This helps to make the knots that you see on the closure invisible, but also slightly widens the part to once again, make it look more realistic (checkout youtube to see videos of this!)

Wash you wig frequently in the week if your wearing it daily.

Whilst washing ideally you would use a dip in and out method in a bath or a sink, do not ring out the hair. Ideally leave it to soak in shampoo for half an hour either in a sink, bath or bowl. When rinsing, don’t use very hot water keep the water just above lukewarm. When conditioning leave to soak ideally for a few hours in conditioner and water.

Unlike other wigs brush them after washing when wet, this helps them to retain their shape and style without allowing them to tangle.

After washing, please leave the hair to dry naturally on a wig head/stand, ideally overnight.

Other products

Reframe from the use of other hair products, you can use a leave in conditioner but make sure this is washed out before you next style or wear it. If it’s very curly only use a wide tooth comb or your fingers/hands to comb and get any tangles out, don’t use a normal brush or comb as this may damage and split the curls. On wavy to curly styles use a wide paddle brush.

Throughout the day a water spray is good to use to rehydrate the hair, especially if you need to comb or brush it.


When your not wearing your wig, store it on a wig stand in a part of your home that gets as little sunlight, heat, moisture and dust as possible or flat in a plastic bag stored away.